Unlock Seamless Logistics Solutions With Go Freight Group

Your Premier Asset-Based 3PL Partner

In Miami, Florida

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Go Freight: Streamline Your Supply Chain

Move your freight with confidence!

Go Freight, an Inc. 5000 leader, offers everything you need for a seamless supply chain. We combine cutting-edge technology with a dedicated fleet and ample storage to provide:

  • Nationwide Coverage: Full truckload, drayage, last-mile delivery
  • Local Coverage: Leading Asset-Based 3PL Company In South Florida
  • Secure Warehousing: 100,000 sq. ft. with various options
  • South Florida Expertise: Efficient container movement near major ports

Choose Our Trucking & Warehousing Solutions

Container Drayage

Port Miami & Everglades

Our yard is equipped with 19,000 and 40,000 lb. forklifts.

South Florida Last Mile

& Local Delivery

Go Freight provides airport transfers, bonded/TSA/ Hazmat approved drivers, 16 & 26ft. trucks.

Hazmat Support

with Tech-Reinforcement

Our Hazmat solutions provide tech-enabled eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions for an optimized workflow.


10,000 sq. ft. of Storage

Our yard is equipped with 19,000 and 40,000 lb. forklifts.

Over 100,000 sq. ft., 24/7 security, & 3PL services.

Store, distribute & fulfill orders faster!

Flexible Storage Options: Need short-term space for seasonal inventory or a long-term partner for growth? We’ve got your covered.

Fast & Efficient Distribution: Our 40 dock doors and cross-docking services ensure your products get in and out quickly, minimizing storage time and expediting delivery.

Pharmaceuticals & Hazardous Materials: We have the expertise and infrastructure to safely store your sensitive products.

Advanced Inventory Management: Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides real-time data and simplifies inventory control. 

By choosing Go Warehouse, you gain the flexibility, security, and efficiency you need to streamline your supply chain and focus on growing your business.

Control Your Freight With

Our Exclusive Uber-Like TMS

Our team of engineers combined with trucking assets can perform any transportation service with an “Uber-Like” experience. Using Live GPS tracking, geofencing algorithms, automated updates, all on one online platform and professional company drivers and dispatchers to move your freight.

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