Did you know that according to the World Bank, the global trade value reached a staggering $28.1 trillion in 2023? Freight and logistics companies are the essential cogs in this complex machine, ensuring the seamless movement of goods that fuels global commerce.

Facilitating Global Trade:

Facilitating Global Trade Go Freight Freight Hub Group www.go freight.io #gofreight #doxidonut
Facilitating Global Trade

The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) estimates that freight forwarders, a key branch of logistics companies, manage roughly 40% of global trade by value. Their expertise extends beyond just transportation, encompassing services like customs brokerage, freight consolidation, and cargo insurance – all crucial steps for a smooth international transaction.

Leveraging Technology:

Innovation is a hallmark of leading freight and logistics companies. Take, for example, blockchain technology. This secure and transparent system allows for real-time tracking of goods throughout the supply chain, providing businesses with invaluable peace of mind.

Adaptability and Innovation:

The freight and logistics industry is constantly evolving. Leading companies stay ahead of the curve by embracing emerging trends like autonomous vehicles for land transportation, drone deliveries for last-mile efficiency, and sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact.

Go Freight: Your Trusted Partner in Logistics Excellence

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Go Freight: Your Trusted Partner In Logistics Excellence

Go Freight, a proud Inc. 5000 company and a leading 3PL provider, boasts a wealth of experience in the industry. With a team of seasoned logistics professionals and a commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, we deliver exceptional service that caters to your specific needs.


Client after client has experienced the Go Freight difference:

Go Freight is by far the best shipping company I’ve dealt with. Andrea is my point of contact, response time was very quick and she took care of everything. And rates are very good, they can help with all your shipping needs around the US! Will recommend to my friends in my industry. Thank you Andrea appreciate your assistance you’re the best.

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Normally when dealing with logistics companies we would be waiting for hours just to get a representative or further assistance. But with Go Freight, they kept us informed every step of the way, helped us with any questions or matters we needed to resolve and managed our logistics nationwide without any problems! Would definitely recommend!

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By partnering with a reliable and experienced freight and logistics company like Go Freight, you can empower your business to navigate the complexities of global trade with confidence. Don’t just take our word for it – download our free guide on optimizing your supply chain for a competitive edge, or schedule a free consultation with one of our logistics experts today! Visit our website at go-freight.io to learn more.


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