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Could the Freight Crisis Predict the Next Global Recession?

Christoph Niemann, Regional Seafreight Southeast Area Operations Manager of Kuehne + Nagel (arguably the largest transport and logistics company in the world) stopped by the Freight Hub Group in South Florida to talk with TruckHub Founder Luis Lopez.

Check the insights, humor, personal stories, and more in Podcast Episode 4.

Global logistic systems affect all of us- regardless of location and time.

Massive economic stirs, such as looming recession occur, eventually affect granular 3PL providers throughout the world.

Listen in as Luis and Christoph discuss the answers to important questions that many freight forwarders and carriers are asking right now:

  • Are we heading toward a freight recession?
  • How do you separate yourself from the rest of the industry when there’s no real way to do that with service and rates?
  • Is the increase in freight volume (spurred by the tariff war) sustainable?
  • How does a major company like Kuehne and Nagel recruit top talent?

Freight Hub Group Podcast Episode 4 Highlights:

  • Facets Every 3PL Operator Should Know in 2019
  • Definition of TEU
  • K+N’s new guaranteed ocean freight transit time platform 
  • Where is the marketing going and are we heading into a freight recession?
  • How the 2006-2007 freight recession led to a global recession
  • Using Tech platform to improve the user experience for customers
  • The importance of transparency between 3PLs, truckers and consumers
  • Finding and retaining top talent

TruckHub is clean, modern and simple to use. The app features a dashboard that conveniently displays a summary of all the user’s earnings and shipments.

Drivers, dispatchers and shippers alike can log in to their dashboard and see which shipments are active, pending and completed as well as the breakdown of the types of cargo in transit.

Take control of your freight with an Asset-Based 3PL Logistics Trucking Company that can assure you transparency from the port to your destination nationwide, request a free quote today and discover your asset-based logistics solution.

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