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Hotshot trucking is a type of freight shipment which generally takes Less-than-Truckload (LTL) loads and fills the trailers with goods that do not belong to the same customer or going to the same location. It aims to get the goods to their destination as quickly as possible within the designated time and date. These goods are usually time-sensitive, and they require at least 24 hours’ notice to accept and load the shipment. Hotshots are mainly carried out by Class 3, 4, and five trucks, and although they do not require a commercial driver’s license, you must obtain a US DOT number.

Top 10 Hotshot Tips

Hotshot shipping is easier to start up than traditional trucking companies, and it gives you the chance to gauge if you want to obtain a commercial driver’s license. Outlined below are the best tips to use when starting a hotshot trucking business.

  1. For you to begin a trucking business and become an operator, you must strive to understand the federal and local laws about the business. Ensure that your trucks are registered commercially and understand the legalities associated with the nature of your business.
  2. Hotshot shipping uses three types of trucks, namely Class 3 trucks, which are between 14,001-16001lbs, Class 4 trucks, which are between 16,001 and 19500lbs and Class 5, which is between 19501-26,000lbs.
  3. The types of trailers in which to attach your trailers include Bumper pull trailers, gooseneck trailers, Deckover trailers, and Lowboy trailers.
  4. The factors that determine the trucking salary include maintenance, cost, business operation fees, and payment per freight.
  5. Inspect your truck before hitting the road.
  6. Hire expert drivers on a contract basis.
  7. Find profitable loads by building relationships with local shippers.
  8. To guarantee income, secure a contract that will give you multiple loads in a long time.
  9. To save money on fuel, use a fuel card to control your fuel purchases.
  10. Invest in the specialised trucks and equipment for the type of business you wish to carry out.

Benefits of Hotshot Trucking

  • Low start-up cost as the trucks and trailers are far less expensive with low-cost insurance compared to the normal trucks
  • Truck drivers can set their prices, which are usually premium due to the time-sensitive nature of the business.
  • Drivers choose their working hours and days since they work for themselves.

The challenges with hotshot tracking are that it can be quite unstable, and rivers must be ready for any moment’s notice. Maintenance is more frequent, and this can lead to reduced resale value.

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