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Hospital logistics is quite a complex network to develop. It’s not only one of the biggest operations of a hospital, but it also impedes major business strategies of a hospital.

The logistics management network of a hospital demands strategic attention, but contrarily, hospitals are finding creative ways to reduce cost and improve patient care.

It’s something that hospitals have to tackle not because of the fact that they need to get rid of the medical waste, but also because they need to improve the internal supply chain processes. That includes the inflow of office supplies.

  • medical supplies
  • food
  • maintenance
  • sterilization
  • the provision of different medical devices.

So, it’s quite important for hospitals to adopt smart logistics management networks that not only will help them streamline their business operations, but will also help them focus on their core activities; providing high-quality healthcare services.

What is hospital logistics?

3PL companies provide hospital logistics services, which include the management and coordination of all medical supplies, equipment, and personnel within a hospital or healthcare facility. 

Some of the services that a 3PL company can provide for a hospital include: 

-Inventory management and coordination 

-Order fulfillment 

-Transportation and distribution 

-Warehousing and storage 

If you are looking for a 3PL company to provide hospital logistics services, you can search online for “3pl companies near me” or “3pl companies in Florida” to find a list of options in your area. This type of company typically has a team of experienced professionals to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Hospital Logistics Definition 

The hospital logistics definition includes 4 major parts:

  1. the inventory management
  2. transport management
  3. production activities
  4. distribution activitie.

The hospital logistics aim to provide the right item at the right time and at the right place, every single time. In order to achieve this goal, all those above mentioned 4-parts have to be designed in such a way that they eventually promote an environment of integrated logistics.

There’s a lot that goes with the hospital logistics. For instance, the storage capacity of a hospital can become a bottleneck for the management to handle the inventory, that’s why there’s always a need of having 3PL logistics to outsource the overhead activities.

Let Us Manage Your Logistics

With our Just-In-Time inventory management method, we deliver the right quantity of products at your door-step. We, at GoFreightHub, provide tech-enabled logistics solutions to your freight needs.

Our team examines your business needs from both micro and macro perspectives to understand your requirements in detail, so that we can deliver you the right amount of product at the right time.

GoFrieghtHub is a complete Asset-Based 3PL that offers a complete and a wide range of solutions to your hospital logistics needs. We deal in all types of medical waste and we also design a complete cost effective supply chain network for your business.

We let you focus on your line operations (core activities) rather than spending your resources on the staff operations like logistics management. It isn’t

Tracking Made Easy

You can have complete control over your freight with our cloud-based platform. You can track your freight live through using Go Truck Hub, an in-house transportation management system that keeps you posted with the update of your delivery.

With Go Truck Hub, you can have Uber-Like experience that’s enhanced by integrating geofencing algorithms and live GPS tracking.

Reverse Logistics

Our hassle-free return processes keep our clients satisfied because it gives them a sense of security. For your hospital logistics management, GoFreightHub can be a great option because you can simply handover all of your logistic related tasks to our team and let them manage your logistics with our technologically advanced equipment.

With GoFreightHub, you can focus on improving the healthcare sector by saving cost on your logistical activities, while we handle your medical logistics.÷

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